Privacy Policy

We, at (the “Company”, “Website”, “we”, or “us”) respect and protect the privacy of each visitor and registered user (“you”, “users”, “visitors”). We encourage everyone to read our Privacy Policy to understand the type of information we collect, use, and protect. Every visitor provides a specific type of data the moment they access our website.

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to be completely familiar with the ways we use and manage individuals’ information. Every visitor has the right to contact the respective data protection authorities at any time in case they believe their data is not used properly. If you happen to have any doubts, please, do not hesitate to reach our team. To avoid any potential confusion, we recommend you read our full Privacy Policy page. Here, you will discover details regarding the following topics:

  • The Different Types of Information We Collect
  • How Is Your Personal Data Used?
  • Whom Do We Share Your Information With?
  • Cookies Policy
  • How Do We Protect Your Data?
  • For How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information?
  • Minors Policy

The Different Types of Information We Collect

We collect two types of information from our users. The first one is known as an unidentified and non-identifiable type of information related to visitors. This information is collected when a user visits our website. However, with it, we cannot identify the user himself. The non-personal type of data provides information about the browser used by the user, as well as its operating system, domain name, language settings, etc. The non-identifiable type of information concerns the number of clicks, types of actions, and pages visited by the users. In other words, it is associated with visitors’ activity.

The other type of information we collect is known as Personal Information. Put differently, this is a type of identifiable data that helps us identify the respective user. Usually, Personal Information is provided by visitors when they subscribe to our website or when they provide their email address for any other reason. Our company may collect information concerning the device used by the visitor, as well as their IP address.

In case non-identifiable and identifiable data are collected, it will always be treated as identifiable information. Alternatively, users may subscribe anonymously. In such instances, their information will be considered non-identifiable.

How Is Your Personal Data Used?

We will only use your personal data in ways we are allowed to by the law. More specifically, we will use it in any of the circumstances listed below:

  • In cases when you have given us your consent to use your personal data legally. That may apply to instances when you subscribe to our site and agree to receive marketing messages. Please, keep in mind that we will never send you such an email without receiving your consent first. If you’ve subscribed but wish to withdraw, you may easily do so without any trouble. You have the legal right to contact us and request a withdrawal. Alternatively, you may simply click on the Unsubscribe button that’s present in each of the emails sent by us.
  • When you wish to communicate with us on any matter regarding our website. To initiate contact via email, you will be asked to provide Personal Information. Thus, to reach out to you, we will have to use this data. You may seek assistance from our team regardless of the inquiry you have. If you stumble upon any error, you may always contact us by providing the required type of personal data.
  • To improve the overall performance of our website. In certain cases, we may use your information to send you different types of inquiries with questions closely related to our brand. Such examination will help us solve any potential problems and to make users’ experience better.
  • When a user wishes to register on our site. If that is the case, they will be required to provide Personal Information, which our team will then use in a way that does not affect your rights as a user. Once you’re registered, you will be able to fully explore our website and leave comments on particular pages. Please remember that everyone is permitted to request the removal of Personal Information from our website. However, this will result in the complete closure of your account.
  • In cases when system maintenance will take place. We use your personal data to send you an email containing information about the predetermined period of maintenance.

Whom Do We Share Your Information With?

We cooperate with many third parties. Sometimes, your personal information may be accessed by them. This is usually done in order for our services to become more convenient. We partner with reputable third parties, which means that no user’s personal data will be used in any illegal way. Here are the possible circumstances that may require us to share users’ information:

  • We do not transfer visitors’ data to any external parties. The only exception is when the law binds us to do so. Such procedures are usually done so that any potential fraud or breach of rights is avoided.
  • Additionally, we may share details with respect to our users to compile different types of statistics. Nonetheless, in such circumstances, not a piece of Personal Information will be shared.
  • In cases when we need to protect our security. Depending on the situation, we may share users’ information with legal authorities that we have been authorized to share data with.
  • We require third parties to protect all users’ information and to only use it for specific legal purposes. However, we cannot control the sites that are linked to or point to our own website.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies to improve users’ overall experience on our website. You will always be asked to provide your consent to the usage of any particular type of cookies. In the simplest terms, cookies are specific data files that collect certain types of data. Their main purpose is to provide visitors with an excellent experience by recording their preferences. The types of cookies we use are the following:

  • Identification Cookies – Their purpose is to allow you to log into your account and browse through our platform without any trouble.
  • Performance/Analytical/Tracking Cookies – They analyze users’ interactions with the site.
  • Functionality Cookies – They remember your personal preferences and track how often you visit our website.

Depending on the cookies, they may last for hours or months. Every visitor is permitted to erase all cookies from their browser. However, this may affect your experience on our site, and we may not be able to provide you with personalized services.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

It is our sole responsibility to protect our users’ personal information. Therefore, we have adopted all necessary measures to ensure the complete safety and protection of visitors’ data. First and foremost, we never share personal information with dubious parties or non-regulated authorities. Secondly, our website uses strong SSL-encryption technology that keeps all information provided on our site safe and encrypted. This eliminates the possibility of personal data being stolen or leaked. And thirdly, if we happen to use the services of different providers, we may sign legal contracts that have been approved by authorized commissions.

In cases when we suspect misuse of personal information, we take the necessary legal measures immediately. Our predefined procedures help us deal with such issues in a minimal period of time. And lastly, if you have any doubts that your personal data is being used in an improper way, please, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We will do anything possible to resolve the potential issue instantly.

For How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information?

When you share your personal data with us, we may keep it for a long period of time. We sometimes keep users’ data for legal purposes only. In case we no longer need a particular type of information, we may delete it from our system. In case you delete your account, we will not erase your personal information. If you wish your data to be completely removed, you should submit an official request to our team.

Our Privacy Policy gives everyone specific rights when it comes to the management of their information. For instance, every registered user is permitted to request corrections to their personal data, which will be made by the respective department. Additionally, everyone is permitted to request a restriction or data processing or to withdraw their consent of information usage.

Minors Policy

Our Services are not intended for individuals under the age of 18. It is our duty to protect your children, which means that underage users are not allowed to make use of our services. We openly prohibit minors from registering on our website, using it, or sharing their personal data with us. In instances when we suspect that a registered user may have provided someone else’s personal data, we will require identity verification.

Data provided by people younger than 18 years of age will be completely removed from our system. If there are grounds to believe that a minor has presented their personal information with us, please, contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to protect their data.

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